We are a couple with deep roots in Finnmark. Reidun is born and raised in Havøysund. After many years away she has come home again. Aslak comes from the inland and a reindeer herder family, and has worked with reindeer all his life. Together we wish to show you the nature, culture and food experiences that Finnmark has to offer.

Arctic View

Arctic View is a viewpoint and restaurant. It was built in 2005 as a gift to the municipality in connection with the building of a windmill park in Havøysund. Arctic View is situated about 200 meters above sea level at the end of the windmill park. A panorama window from floor to ceiling gives you a spectacular view of the Barents sea. The fast changing weather here at the edge of Finnmark and Europe gives you a new and thrilling experience every time you visit Arctic View.