Arctic view  At the end of
the national tourist route

Arctic View is situated in Havøysund at the end of Havøysund National Tourist route. There are a total of 18 roads in Norway that are picked out for a project where beautiful and untouched roads are enriched with architecture and art. At Havøysund road 889 you can stop in Selvika. A beautiful spot for a picnic.  In this area there are also cultural heritage sites and remains of settlements from Neolithic times as well as from Sámi culture. 

Road directions from Havøysund


You can follow the signs from Havøysund all the way to Arctic View situated about 5 km from the town center. After the bridge take the first left and continue up towards the windmills on the top of the mountain. You pass a lake when you leave the town and arrive at a cemetery after about 1 km. Here you take a right turn and keep right all the way up, passed the red building on the top and the windmill park. Our parking spaces is down by the side of the restaurant. You can also walk from the lake in town to Arctic View. A nice hike with splendid view that takes about 45 minutes.